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What is it ?

Diet prescription provides you with the complete detailed nutrition plan that fits into your lifestyle. It addresses the current health issues ( if any) you are dealing with and confirms to your food habits.

How is it planned?

Detailed information about your food habits, intake of nutrients, likes and dislike, physical activity, anthropometric measurements, medical history (if any) and family medical history will be examined and then an appropriate nutrition plan will be tailored for you.

Does it work for me?

Yes! It will work wonders to you. But you are expected to stick to the plan to the T . Just remember when you eat bad food it shows immediately, similarly when you eat right food it shows too ! Within a week you will start observing the difference. Within two weeks you will be start noticing as simple as inch loss or blood sugar control. Third week you will receive compliments, no jokes. That’s the magic of eating right food.

What next ?

Every 15 days your diet plan will be reviewed and changed accordingly. You are expected to keep a journal of daily food intake , physical activity and moods to work on your nutrition plan. The whole idea is to evolve your own diet plan, so that you will never feel that you are ‘dieting’ . Intact you will be surprised to know how much you can eat and most interestingly the foods you enjoy! Finally you will work out your own plan for life , not only diet plan but your physical activity and your own emotions. You will be in control of your life without guilt.


You will be the owner of amazing results ! You get what you want. The side effects will be lustrous hair, healthy complexion, more active life and better control of stress and emotions. Life takes a beautiful turn .

Follow up : Consulting Dr.Janaki every two weeks would be ideal till you reach your target. Working out individual packages will benefit you and your pocket . In addition to regular diet counseling sessions every two weeks there will be a dedicated time slot for telephonic conversation and email facility to track your progress every week.

Consultation INR :`500

Consultation        :`500 to 1500 per head
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