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+91 98481 95081
    Dr. Janaki, Nutritionist

    Do you want to be healthy?
    Do you want to lose or gain weight?
    Are starting a family?
    Is your family member suffering with diabetes or heart problem or any other health problem?
    Time to enroll yourself in Healthy Cooking Classes

    Dr.Janaki, nutritionist, ( seen on Tv9, Tv7, Etv2, Vanitha Tv) 
    Will teach you....
How to plan your diet /meal, FOR YOU and YOUR FAMILY
Learn to cook healthy receipes like stews, soups etc.
Learn zero oil cooking of vegetables and non vegetarian
Learn to make healthy chutneys
Learn to make fruit and vegetable salad
Learn to calculate ideal body weight , BMI and many more……
     Classes at your convenient time. Every Thursday to Saturday.
    Fee  1500+ 100 registration , Free book let worth  150
  Venue : Dr. Janaki’s  diata, eat right clinic,
     Beside Hyderabad Central, Punjagutta, Hyd. Cell or sms: +91 98481 95081

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