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Celebrated 100 years of International women’s day@ Sailing Annexe,Tank bund,Hyderabad on 8/3/2011

Press Release

International women’s day was first declared in 1910 with the first event held in 1911.2011 sees 100 years of international women’s day. Wide spread activity is anticipated globally on 8th March around the world honoring 100years of women’s day.

Diaita Eat Right Clinic is celebrating this unique women’s day by :

Felicitating 10 women Nutrition Practitioners from twin cities. The objective is to honor dietitians / nutritionists who have been striving for professional excellence. We expect to create further enhancement of the profession leading to much more contribution and inspiration to buddind professionals. Following are the 10 Nutrition practitioners selected for felicitation:

1. Ms. Hithasri, NIMS Hospital                             6. Ms. Vasudha Mathur, Indo-American Cancer Institute

2. Dr. Latha Sashi, Nutrifit                                  7. Ms. Sunitha Philip, Arabindo pharma

3. Dr. Janaki Srinath, Nutrifit                              8. Ms. Sunitha Philip, Arabindo pharma

4. Dr. Brundavani, Rainbow Hospital                   9. Ms. Nagamalleswari, Global Hospitals

5. Ms. P.V.Lakshmi, Lazarus Hospital                  10. Ms. Esther Sathiaraj, Asian Institute of Gastroenterology

On this auspicious day Diaita also is launching its website The unique feature of this website is that it   answers queries related to diet and nutrition within 24 hrs of working days, free of cost, apart from other regular features   like articles, links, news updates, lists of dietitians and effective tips etc.

Chief Guests

»  Dr. Sesikeran.B, Director, National Institute of Nutrition

»  Dr. K.Swarajyalakshmi, Rtd. Superintendent GMH

»  Organiser: Dr.Janaki.B, Diaita eat right clinic
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