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Hyderabad -22nd June, 2011 : Fat is every body’s nightmare. Being slim is in thing. For good looks, healthy and active life go’s hand in hand. For the first time in India, to catch up with the trends & create awareness a national expo is being held in our city bringing all obesity solutions under one roof. 

Health capital Hyderabad is the venue for
 JUST LOSE FATA National Expo on Obesity treatments from 1st -3rd July 2011, at Kamma Sangham, Ameerpet, Hyderabad . 

Diaita, Eat Right Clinic and Total Media solutions are putting their best efforts to bring this opportunity to the People of Hyderabad, the health hub. The exhibition is divided into five categories – Diet, Exercise, Surgery, Weight loss products and Complementary and Alternate Medicine. 

Pre Launch Exclusive
Cookery contest for Dietitians 
Date: 22nd June2011

As a pre launch event to the Just Lose Fat Expo, an Exclusive Cookery Contest for
Dietitians is organized at Liv Life Hospitals,Jubilee Hills. Dietitians bring about dramatic
changes in eating behavior thus the turn key to weight loss. This cookery contest recipes
are formulated to suit weight loss and can be recommended. This exclusive Cookery
Contest is powered by Freedom Oil, GEF India. All the recipes of this contest will be
distributed freely to the Visitors.

Expo Details 1st – 3rd July 2011 Kamma Sangham , Ameerpet, Hyd.
A perfect health plan to Just Lose Fat is the need of today’s life style.
There are many weight loss methods as the number of people in this world, not surprising because all one wants is to get rid of the body fat and look slim and healthy. 

Over weight, obesity, body mass index, ideal body weight, zero size, waist circumference, body fat, blood fat, fatty food, therapeutic management, lifestyle management are some of the words that common man is bombarded with and constantly look for answers.

“As many as 30 million Indians are over weight. Nearly 50% - 70% of the children will become obese adults and would suffer from Diabetes, Hypertension, Cancer, Stroke, Heart diseases, Infertility and Arthritis etc in the near future. WHO recommends country specific interventions, awareness being the key factor to management of weight related health issues.”

Thus the main aim of this expo is to create awareness by bringing all the scientific and proven information/methods of weight loss, under one roof along with experts answering the queries. This helps the common man to take right decision and follow the most suitable method to manage weight.

It is the individual’s choice to make most of this expo and be benefit.

Diet is the key to any type of treatments to lose weight. Changing the composition of the food we eat brings about a major shift in the weight loss regimen. Most effective diets for weight loss will be on display for the three consecutive days and dietitians /nutritionists will answer individual queries. 

Being fit is the ultimate to active and productive life. Simple daily life activities like bending, squatting becomes herculean task if we don’t keep ourselves fit. Latest exercise methods and equipment is Exhibited in this expo. Aerobic exercises will be performed on stage and experts will answer the queries from the audience.

Body mass index being very high i.e more than 35 is the area of concern as it increases morbidity and also inclines towards mortality. Aggressive treatment becomes pivotal and careful monitoring becomes a necessity. New technology in surgical intervention of obesity will be displayed and specialty doctors will address all the doubts of people.

Food products such as Oats , herbal products such as Garcinia , Meal replacement products and many more will be there for the people to taste and buy. 

Ayurveda, Homeo and Naturopathy are our traditional ways in tackling many health issues. Proven methods of weight loss in Alternate medicine will be lectured to audience and products will be available for display as well as for sale.

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